Vol. 6, issue 03, article # 7

pdf Serova V. N., Vasil'ev A. A., Cherkasova O. A., Mukmeneva N. A., Arkhireev V. P. Influence of intermolecular interactions on the lasing durability of active laser media of dyes doped in polymer matrices. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1993. V. 6. No. 03. P. 269-273.
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This paper presents analysis of experimental data on the influence of modifications of a copolymer of the methylmethacrylate (MMA) with methacrylic acid (MAA) on the lasing durability of a rhodomine-6G-based active media of this copolymer. The modifiers used in this study were metal salts of organic and inorganic acids and some elementoorganic (N- and P-containing) compounds. Intermolecular interactions have been investigated in the mixture of MAA+dye (modifier). This study revealed certain regularities of the influence of a dye and a modifier on copolymerization activity of MMA and MAA in the process of their block radical copolymerization. The study allowed a conclusion to be drawn on a strong dependence of lasing durability of active lasing media (ALM) of dye-doped polymers on the influence of the dye and the modifier on the kinetic and resulting parameters of the polymerization and on the intermolecular interactions occurring in the initial mixtures and in the formed polymers.