Vol. 6, issue 04, article # 3

pdf Barbe A., Bouazza S., Plateaux J. J., Bykov A. D., Lavrent'eva N. N., Sinitsa L. N. Shifts of the absorption line centers from the ozone vibrational bands v1 + v3, 2v1 and 2v3 caused by N2 and O2 pressure. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1993. V. 6. No. 04. P. 349-359.
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Measurement data on line shift coefficients of v1 + v3, 2v1 and 2v3 absorption bands of ozone in the case of N2 and O2 foreign gases are discussed. The measurements have been carried out using a Fourier spectrometer of Reims University and a White-type absorption cell with an optical length of 816 cm. Spectral resolution was 0.002 cm-1, and the accuracy of the shift coefficient measurements was about 0.001 cm-1*atm-1. Calculations have been done using the Anderson method. Components of the ozone molecule polarizability tensor for the vibrational states (101), (200), and (002) were determined by the least-squares fitting using data on shifts of some lines of a band.
Temperature dependence of the shift coefficients has also been studied. Good agreement between the experimental and calculational data demonstrates usefulness of the Anderson technique for calculations of line shifts in the absorption spectrum of ozone molecules.