Vol. 6, issue 06, article # 14

pdf Serova V. N., Vasil'ev A. A., Dubinskij M. A., Naumov A. K., Shmakova O. P., Koryagina E. L. Structure and strength to laser damage in polymers. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1993. V. 6. No. 06. P. 721-726.
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A hypermolecular structure of a polymethylmethacrylate and of copolymers of the methylmethacrylate with methacrylic acid, modified by metal salts of organic and inorganic acids, as well as by some elementoorganic compounds and their laser damage strength has been studied. The hypermolecular structures were studied using the electron microscopy technique. The studies of the laser damage strength had used the second harmonic of a Nd: YAG-laser radiation. It is shown in the paper that the efficiency of a polymer modification aimed at improving its laser damage strength strongly depends on the influence of the modifiers impose on the polymer structure that determines conditions for intermolecular interactions. As was revealed in this study, a noticeable increase of the laser damage strength of a polymer can be reached in the cases when a dense grid of chemical and physical bonds is formed in a polymer what makes favourable conditions for the transfer of energy from the vibrationally excited macromolecules of a polymer to molecules of a modifier.