Vol. 6, issue 09, article # 9

pdf Lasarev S. V. Enhancement of the potentialities for coherent detection by the method of intracavity laser detection. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1993. V. 6. No. 09. P. 641-644.
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Possible ways of increasing the sensitivity of coherent detection of optical signals by the method of intracavity laser detection based on a decrease in the relative level of pumping by changing the intracavity losses and decreasing the pump power are studied. An eightfold increase of the detection sensitivity has been experimentally reached. Another way of increasing the detection sensitivity is to adjust the operating point of a laser to the point of the steepest slope in the amplification curve. These mechanisms of the sensitivity increase are studied experimentally. As a result, we have obtained a 30-fold increase in the detection sensitivity. Possible ways of its further increasing are discussed.