Vol. 6, issue 11, article # 10

pdf Goryachev B. V., Kabanov M. V., Mogil'nitskii S. B., Savel'ev B. A. Radiative transfer through a bounded scattering. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1993. V. 6. No. 11. P. 809-811.
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In this paper we study the signal—to—noise ratio (SNR) as a function of optical volume of a medium, reflectance of the underlying surface, and angle of illumination j by external source. It has been shown that an increase in the angle of illumination by external source results in the increase of the SNR for any values of the reflectance of the underlying surface r larger than 0.2 while the increase of the parameter j and stronger asymmetry of the scattering phase function results in the decrease of the SNR.