Vol. 8, issue 05, article # 1

pdf Sushkevich T. A., Ignat'eva E. L., Maksakova S. V. Method of spherical harmonics: exact three-dimensional models to compute density and flux of optical radiation in natural media. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1995. V. 8. No. 05. P. 667-686.
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In order to provide a possibility of studying spectral and energy characteristics of the radiation field of the Earth we formulate exact models for calculating spherical and hemispherical fluxes and densities of optical radiation in natural media that allow for multiple scattering effects. The radiation transfer processes are considered for the case of a 3—D plane layer of a medium with reflecting boundaries assuming both horizontally uniform and nonuniform sources. The models are constructed based only on the method of spherical harmonics. In order to make the models closed we have introduced certain radiation parameters giving their physical interpretation.