Vol. 8, issue 05, article # 14

pdf Gavrilovich A. B. Spectropolarimetric video system for optical investigations of the atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1995. V. 8. No. 05. P. 766-770.
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Computer—controlled spectropolarimetric video system has been developed for investigations in atmospheric optics. This system allows one to obtain polarized images of objects formed by scattered optical radiation in passive and active modes. The receiving optical system comprises a set of changeable lenses with the angular apertures from 2 to 100 degrees. The photoreceiving modules form four optical channels on CCD matrices and on a supervidicon for low signals. The spectral intervals are isolated with a set of bandpass filters. The time—dependent signal structure is analyzed in the optical channel with a PMT as a detector. The system comprises a Nd:YAG laser equipped with a beam decollimator. The system control, data processing, and construction of the polarimetric images are being done with an IBM PC/AT.