Vol. 8, issue 05, article # 5

pdf En'shin A. V. Propagation of biharmonic laser radiation resonant to spin frequencies through atmospheric and inert gases. Part 2. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1995. V. 8. No. 05. P. 701-705.
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The extent to which the nitrogen and argon participate in the process of the resonance biharmonic scattering is investigated. The results are compared to those for the case of oxygen and air. It is shown that nitrogen is most active in the process under study. The mechanism of creating polaritons in the atmosphere is considered. It is shown to involve the cascade of three—photon processes of the second order, the development of which is conditioned by breaking down of the inversion symmetry of the medium. Such a sharp change of the macroscopic characteristics of the medium is interpreted as a result of appearance of spin waves in the medium. This macroscopic quantum effect manifests itself when the nonequilibrium population of spin states of particles is generated in the medium. This conclusion is supported by the measurements in air under pressures from 760 down to 10-4 mm Hg.