Vol. 8, issue 06, article # 13

pdf Kuz'min A. K., Chikov K. N. Panoramic imaging monochromatic cameras for remote diagnostics of ionosphere and upper atmosphere from satellites. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1995. V. 8. No. 06. P. 897-909.
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Possibilities of methods for measurement of auroral characteristics and electrodynamical parameters of the polar ionosphere from satellites by means of the system of wide—angle imaging cameras using new modifications of the "monochromatic eye" objective are considered. Aberrational and spectral characteristics of the objectives and their relative advantages and shortcomings are analyzed. Conception of the system construction and of a choice of the upper atmospheric emission wavelength for simultaneous spectrophotometric measurements of the aurora intensity distributions over a wide spatial band from low—apogee satellites are presented. The advantages that the imaging cameras provide for remote diagnostics of the instantaneous states and for the study of the processes in polar ionosphere are discussed.