Vol. 8, issue 08, article # 1

pdf Velichko T. I., Mikhailenko S. N., Tyuterev Vl. G. Spectroscopic parameters and potential function of HCl molecule. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1995. V. 8. No. 08. P. 1131-1135.
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Experimentally measured wavenumbers of rovibrational transitions of H35Cl , H37Cl , D35Cl , D37Cl molecules were used to find the parameters Umj(m + j ≤ 4), ΔH,mj and ΔCl,mj of HCl molecule invariant for any isotopic modification. Correlations between Umj parameters were taken into account when estimating them. The isotopic-invariant parameters of potential in the Dunham and Simons-Parr-Finlan representations were calculated in terms of independent spectroscopic parameters Um0 and Um1 .