Vol. 8, issue 10, article # 8

pdf Banakh V. A., Sazanovich V. M., Tsvyk R. Sh. Mean intensity of a reflected wave in a turbulent medium. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1995. V. 8. No. 10. P. 1467-1471.
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The results of experimental investigation of the mean intensity of a spherical wave reflected from a reflector of diffraction limited size are presented. The measurements have been carried out on a correlated path (when incident and reflected waves pass through the same inhomogeneities of a medium) and on a path with segments of wave propagation in direct and reverse directions being considerably spaced apart. The experimental results obtained have been compared with the theoretical ones, and it has been found that due to correlation of the oncoming waves, amplification or attenuation of the mean intensity on the reflected beam axis may occur as compared with that on the uncorrelated path depending on the reflector size.