Том 6, номер 03, статья № 2

pdf Блау П. Analysis of the impedance of a coaxial, large bore copper-vapor laser. // Оптика атмосферы и океана. 1993. Т. 6. № 03. С. 234-246.
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The impedance of the laser head of a 100 W copper-vapor laser is investigated. The laser head is of a coaxial geometry which is commonly used for longitudinally electrically excited, pulsed-gas lasers. The plasma conductivity is estimated using the available data on plasma parameters. The effect of radial gradient of the gas-temperature is considered. The tube inductance and capacitance are estimated and the combined effect is demonstrated. The skin-effect is considered. A method to calculate the exact influence of the skin-effect on the tube impedance is presented. The full calculation procedure is demonstrated for the case of a 100 W, 8 cm diameter, copper vapor laser. The consequent impedance is used to calculate the laser current under given excitation conditions. Very good agreement exists between the calculated and measured laser current. An optimal metal-sleeve diameter with respect to power matching is found.

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