Vol. 1, issue 01, article # 12

Balin Yu. S., Kavkyanov S. I., Krekov G. M., Samokhvalov I. V., Strepetova S. V. On laser sounding of clouds and underlying surface from space. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1988. V. 1. No. 01. P. 93-99.
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The paper deals with the results of investigation of information content of airborne single-frequency lidar when investigating the cloud fields and underlying surface from the outer space. The methodical questions of interpreting the data of airborne lidar and principal possibilities of these data use are considered combined with the passive methods. The closed numerical experiment on determining the optical parameters of stratus and some types of underlying surfaces has been carried out. The above experiment illustrates the perspectives of application of a single-frequency lidar in the systems of spaceborne sounding.