Vol. 1, issue 01, article # 17

Andreev Yu. M., Geiko P. P., Gribenyukov A. I., Zuev V. V., Izyumov S. V., Toyko M. I. The attractive source of coherent radiation with Tl3AsSe3 nonlinear crystal suitable for atmospheric gas analysis. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1988. V. 1. No. 01. P. 126-129.
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The attractive source of IR coherent radiation based on СО2-laser and frequency converters with Tl3AsSe3 monocrystals is proposed. The source is capable of covering spectral region 2 to 17mm and operating at room temperature. The second harmonic generator was experimentally investigated. The phase matching angle and its angular and temperature widths are 18°, 1.8° and 6° respectively. The doubling efficiency exceeded 2% for a 4,65 mm long crystal.