Vol. 1, issue 11, article # 11

Baldenkov G. I., Balin Yu. S., Kovalev V. A., Kozintsev V. I., Movchan I. A., Mozharov E. A., Rybakov E. E. Lidar Visibility Meter "Electronics-03" for Slant Atmospheric Paths. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1988. V. 1. No. 11. P. 68-75.
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Technical data on a commercial lidar visibility meter designed for the ground-based meteorological air navigation support are reported. The lidar observations of the atmospheric transmittance are compared with the photometer measurements to show a disagreement of 15-20% for the 0,5-2 km meteorological optical range. In dense fogs the lidar data are found to overestimate the visibility, on the average, by 15% while it appears to be systematically underestimated by the same value for the meteorological optical range >5 km.