Vol. 1, issue 11, article # 3

Apollonov V. V., Baitsur G. G., Ermachenko A. V., Raspopov N. A., Sviridenkov E. A., Semenov S. K., Firsov K. N. Metastable nitrogen excitation dynamics in self-sustained volume discharge. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1988. V. 1. No. 11. P. 15-18.
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The A3Su+ vibrational state excitation dynamics (v=2-8) at a gas pressure of 9,3 atm was studied using intracavity laser spectroscopy in order to explore the effect of N2 step ionization on the self-sustained volume discharge instability. The maximum total population of seven N2 vibrational levels (n= 2-8) = 6,4Ч1014cm-3 was found to dramatically exceed the electron density ne = 4Ч1012cm-3. For our experimental conditions, the contribution from the step ionization to the ionization flux in the discharge plasma is negligible and can affect the stable discharge time only through an increased rate of development of the spark channel in the discharge gap.