Vol. 11, issue 01, article # 3

pdf Bouazza S., Zumpf B., Kissel A., Kronfeldt X. D., Ponomarev Yu. N., Trifonova N. N. Use of measurement data on absorption line shifts to determine the polarizability of NO2 molecule in the 001 state. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 01. P. 13-17.
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The magnitudes of half-width and shift of NO2 absorption lines of nu3 band induced by noble gases pressure have been measured using a diode-laser spectrometer with 3 10-4 nm-1 resolution. The magnitudes of mean polarizability of NO2 molecule in 001 vibrational state and z-components of the polarizability tensor in 000 and 001 states were determined from the measured shift coefficients for NO2 - Ar, NO2 - Kr, and NO2 - Xe mixtures. The data obtained were used in calculation of NO2 absorption line half-widths. The calculation results well agree with the experimental data.