Vol. 11, issue 02-03, article # 37

pdf Selivanov S. P., Prokop'ev V. E., Isaeva S. N., Usynin E. A., Udut V. V. Two-wave laser therapy of chronic prostatites and urethrites. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 02-03. P. 229-230.
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We present some results of the chronic prostatites and urethrites treatment with the help of low-intensity radiation of a semiconductor laser emitting 5-10 mW mean power at two wavelengths, λ = 0.65 and 0.85 mm. We have found that the transdermic irradiation of projected zones of the affected organs decreases the terms of treatment of chronic prostatites and urethrites by 1.5-2 times and increases the remission periods from six months up to 1.5 years.