Vol. 11, issue 05, article # 18

pdf Aloyan A. E., Arutyunyan V. O., Lushnikov A. A., Zagainov V. A. Mesoscale atmospheric circulation and transport of coagulating aerosol over Bratsk-city. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 05. P. 459-471.
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Atmospheric aerosol transport by air masses is studied using a model that accounts for the factors that may influence the particle size distribution. Among those factors there are the turbulent diffusion, atmospheric hydrothermodynamics, orography, disposition of aerosol emission sources, and particle growth due to coagulation. First we formulate a system of basic model equations and then the algorithm for its numerical solution. The model constructed has been used to reproduce the situation with the aerosol pollution of the atmosphere over Bratsk city in summer. Numerical calculations of submicron and fine aerosol fractions concentration were compared with the measurement data acquired in different parts of the city during a two-week mission in summer of 1990.