Vol. 11, issue 05, article # 7

pdf Arsen'yan T. I., Korolenko P. V., Petrova G. V., Embaukhov S. V. Correlation of the intermittence in the structure states of wave beams along spaced paths and sounding of small-scale turbulence. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 05. P. 413-416.
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In this paper we describe the experimental data on the intermittence in structure states of laser beams along spaced paths in different directions under urban conditions. These results are compared with the characteristics of atmospheric stability on the path. It is shown that the development of small-scale instabilities in air on an optical path may be the cause of the intermittence in the beam structure states. It is found that the beam stochastization along a slant path is weaker than along a horizontal one that is due to the altitude variation of meteoparameters. Determination of a direct connection between the intermittence of turbulence and that in the structure states of laser beams makes it possible to use the method of transmitting laser radiation through the atmosphere along spaced paths for diagnostics of the small-scale turbulence structure in the atmospheric boundary layer.