Vol. 11, issue 09, article # 2

pdf Romashov D. N. Scattering phase matrices of model ensembles of large spherical particles. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 09. P. 798-803.
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Some results of computer simulations of scattering phase matrices for visible radiation are presented for the case of large water spheres in air and for air bubbles in water. Two models of rain, that differ by the parameters of rain drop size-distribution function, are considered in this paper as well as two models of water suspension of air bubbles having different widths of the size spectra. Analysis of peculiarities in the angular behavior of the scattering phase matrix elements is being carried out for these two types of scattering media. Distinct manifestations of the rainbow effect of the first order and weak one of the second order rainbow are established for the air bubbles suspended in water, which are observed, on the contrary to water spheres in air, in the half-space of the forward scattering. Investigation of the effect of imaginary part of the refraction index on the scattering and backscattering efficiency is performed for water spheres at large values of the diffraction parameter (from 100 to 24000).