Vol. 11, issue 09, article # 6

pdf Zemlyanov A. A., Geints Yu. E., Pal'chikov A. V. Surface effect of the laser radiation ponderomotive action on liquid particles. Part 2. Resonance build-up of oscillations. Surface Raman scattering. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 09. P. 819-825.
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The problem of the resonance build-up of surface oscillations in transparent liquid weakly viscous particles of an arbitrary size under the action of modulated laser radiation is investigated theoretically. A relation is found between the amplitude of the drop surface deformation and the modulation frequency of acting radiation for different values of a particle radius. The characteristics of forced oscillations at resonance excitation are studied. The width of the resonance characteristical curve of surface oscillations was found to increase as the particle size decreases and the liquid viscosity increases. The problem of light scattering on small surface oscillations of liquid particles is numerically investigated. It is shown that the maximum modulation of scattered light at the frequency of the fundamental harmonic of surface waves occurs in the direction normal to the incident radiation, as well as in the direction of the primary rainbow.