Vol. 11, issue 09, article # 9

pdf Cheremisin A. A., Nalivaiko V. I., Granitsky L. V., Zagrabchuk S. F., Chubakov P. A., Veselkov S. A., Slabko V. V. A wide-band spaceborne spectrograph for monitoring of the Earth's atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 09. P. 836-840.
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A prototype of a small-size wide-band rapid spectrograph for an integrated study and monitoring of the atmospheric state from onboard artificial satellites is described and results of its laboratory testing are presented. The spectrograph comprises concave diffraction holography gratings with curvilinear slits, variable spacing, and flat focusing field, whose recording conditions are determined starting from an optimal arrangement of optical parts and aberration minimization. This spectrograph is capable of simultaneous recording of the radiation spectrum between 160÷700 nm with a spectral resolution of ≤ 1 nm and a spatial resolution of 1 min of arc with the help of photodiode strips.