Vol. 11, issue 10, article # 11

pdf Cheremisin A. A., Granitsky L. V., Myasnikov V. M., Vetchinkin N. V. Remote optical sensing in the ultraviolet region of the aerosol layer near the stratopause from onboard the astrophysical space station "Astron". // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 10. P. 952-957.
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The results of aerosol layer at heights near 50 km in the middle latitudes and in the equatorial area, carried out in 1984-85 by means of the ultraviolet telescope of the space astrophysical station «Astron», researched by the method of tangent remote sensing in the ultraviolet wavelength range (λ = 273 and 280 nm, Δλ = 3 nm) are presented. The problem of determination of aerosol scattering parameters at heights near 50 km using the specified wavelengths is connected with the problem of remote sensing in condition of significant optical depths. The analysis of sensitivity of the method is submitted. According to the obtained data an aerosol layers with high values of a turbidity factor are observed at heights of 65–100 km, the atmosphere at heights of 55–65 km is comparatively clean, and significant aerosol layer is observed near 50 km. Maxima of aerosol scattering fall on heights of 49–52 km. Mean value of the maxima of turbidity factor is equal to 0,8.