Vol. 11, issue 12, article # 6

pdf Prishivalko A. P., Babenko V. A., Katseva I. R., Leiko S. T. On thermal destruction of atmospheric ice particles under the action of radiation with λ = 10.6 μm. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 12. P. 1112-1116.
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We discuss here modeling of thermal destruction of the atmospheric ice particles under the action of high-intensity radiation at λ = 10.6 μm. Solution of the problem is divided into the following stages: (1) choosing and justification of a geometrical model of the ice particles; (2) electrodynamics calculation of the heat release distribution inside a particle; (3) numerical solution of the heat transfer equation with the relevant initial and boundary conditions; (4) approximate solution of the elasticity equation. The results obtained for sufficiently large spherical and cylindrical ice particles are compared. The exposure time, during which a particle is destroyed, is estimated as a function of the radiation intensity. The specific, volume-averaged, energy sufficient for the destruction of particles is shown to slightly depend on the radiation intensity and particle shape while being mainly dependent on the particle radius.