Vol. 13, issue 10, article # 10

pdf Kochanov V. P. Averaging over orientations at the dipole-dipole and dipole-quadrupole interactions. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2000. V. 13. No. 10. P. 874-877.
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The method averaging over angles of arbitrary functions of the angles of mutual orientation with the use of angular form-factor is developed for the dipole-dipole and dipole-quadrupole interactions. The functions are averaged by use of a single integration over the form-factor with certain weights, for which explicit analytical equations are derived and the method of numerical calculation is formulated. For the dipole-dipole interactions, the weighting factor is expressed in terms of elementary functions; for the dipole-quadrupole interactions, it is written in terms of the first-kind elliptic integrals, and two approximations are proposed for it.