Vol. 2, issue 01, article # 13

pdf Boichenko V. L., Zenin G. P., Kandidov V. P., Prakhov M. S., Pyt'ev Yu. P., Kholodnykh A. L. Four-wavelengths lidar sensing of atmospheric aerosol and analysis of the models used for data interpretation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 01. P. 66-72.
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The experimental results of four-waves laser monitoring of atmosphere urban aerosol are given. Lidar calibration was made for measuring of absolute value of back-scattering signal on sounding waves with using of calibration targets. The calculation algorithms are based on parametric and moments models of aerosol optical character-istics. In order to estimate at the indeterminations of investigated parameters values reduction method is used. The validity of the mathematical models is monitored by model reliability parameter.


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