Vol. 2, issue 01, article # 6

pdf Bakut P. A., Polskikh S. D., Sviridov K. N., Khomich N. Yu. Investigation into probabilistic approach to achievement of the diffraction limited resolution of the optical systems atmospheric "vision" conditions. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 01. P. 31-36.
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The possibility of obtaining a diffraction-limited resolution of the atmosphere--telescope system in the case of registration of the short-exposition images of the iso-planatic stationary object is analyzed. The concept of instantaneous spatial correlation radius of atmospheric distortions of light radiation field is introduced, and -distribution of its probability is obtained by statistical computer simulation methods. The probability of good "seeing" is investigated on the basis of obtained distribution, and the required number of short-exposition image registrations for obtaining at least one diffraction-limited is found for different ratios between the telescope diameter D and the Freed parameter r0. Practical realization difficulties of probability approach are discussed.


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