Vol. 2, issue 02, article # 8

pdf Vorob'ev V. V., Kogan M. N., Kucherov A. M., Ustinov E. V. Thermal blooming of repetitively pulsed optical radiation in a gas flow. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 02. P. 128-134.
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Nonstationary thermal blooming of repetitively pulsed irradiance was studed on the subsonic and supersonic gasdynamic regimes. Investigation was made by computer calculation of paraxial optical nonlinear equation with linearized gasdynamic equations. Special variant calculations were made from initial of series of impulses to quasistationary limit. Nonmonotonous of the thermal blooming was found and enhanced peak intensity with respect to initial and quasistationary values was also found. Frequency (period) effects on thermal blooming was demonstrated on example of quasistationary limit.


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