Vol. 2, issue 02, article # 9

pdf Kabanov M. V., Kistenev Yu. V., Ponomarev Yu. N. Deformation of coherent optical pulse propagation along slant paths in a resonantly absorbing atmosphere.. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 02. P. 135-139.
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The paper presents the gaussian form and various duration coherent optical pulses deformation analysis under resonance absorption at inclined atmospheric routes. The atmosphere was modeled by nonhomogeneous plane stratified medium. We considered the water vapour as the resonance absorbing gas component of the atmosphere (at l= 0,69438 mkm). The calculation of the optical wave field in the medium was made at the geometrical optics approach. It is shown that deformation of the pulse in the medium can be considerable and it defines by the following parameters: the direction and angle of the propagation, the detuning from the resonance, the initial duration of the pulse.


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