Vol. 2, issue 03, article # 7

pdf Bukova E. S., Osipov V. M., Tsukanov V. V. Spectral line shape and shift in the 3ν3 band of СО2. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 03. P. 213-216.
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The 3ν3 absorption band profile of CO2 near the head for N2-, He-, and self-broadening has been investigated. The calculations of the absorption in this region were made on the basis of Lorentz line shapes. The results of calculations are in good agreement with the experimental absorption spectra for N2- and self-broadening. For the He-broadening experimental absorption values are greater than the theoretical ones. The line self-shift coefficients have been measured. The values of the line shifts from -0,005 to -0,010cm-1 atm-1 have been obtained.


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