Vol. 2, issue 03, article # 9

pdf Patrushev G. Ya., Petrov A. I., Rubtsova O. A. Intensity fluctuations in experiments of location an array of corner-cube reflection through the turbulent atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 03. P. 221-226.
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The paper presents an analysis of experimental data on the variances and probability densities for the intensity fluctuations of a spherical wave reflected from a two-dimensional array of corner reflectors. It is shown in the paper that depending on the turbulence intensity and path length relative intensity fluctuations of the beam tend to saturate at the level which corresponds to the case of a focused beam and one way propagation if the initial beam diameter equals the diameter of the retroreflectors array. The probability density of weak fluctuations in the region of fading essentially differs from lognormal law and it is better approximated by the universal one. In the case of saturated fluctuations the experimental histograms are well described by the universal and K-distributions. Experimental values of the fluctuations variance strongly differ from those calculated in [7].


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