Vol. 2, issue 06, article # 7

Monastyrnyi E. A., Patrushev G. Ya. On the spatial-temporal structure of the intensity pulsation due to atmospheric turbulence. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 06. P. 495-498.
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The results of experimental studies of the spatial-temporal characteristics of the light wave intensity fluctuations are presented for the case of long propagation paths in the ground atmospheric layer. It is shown in the paper that the frequency bandwidth (temporal spectrum width) of the fluctuations in the region of saturated flockers is determined by the efficient value of the wind speed. The frequency band width of significant coherence of the intensity fluctuations recorded at two points spaced by a distance exceeding the least correlation scale of the fluctuations is determined by this distance, 0, as well as by the wind speed and corresponds to the low frequency maximum of the two scale temporal spectrum of the intensity fluctuations. The influence or the wind speed fluctuations in the region of saturated fluctuations is on the whole the same as in the case of weak fluctuations.