Vol. 2, issue 07, article # 11

pdf Ivakin Yu. A., Cherepanov A. P., Tsvyk R. Sh., Shapiro I. Ya., Yatskeev Yu. F. Laser meter for measuring radiation attenuation coefficients at λ=10,6 μm. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 07. P. 621-625.
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Some technical requirements to the design of laser measurers of radiation extinction coefficients aimed at improving the accuracy of measurements along the paths in the boundary layer are discussed in the paper. It is shown in the paper that full interception of sounding beam by a receiving aperture is needed in order to eliminate the influence of beam wandering, random energy redistribution over the beam cross section and of the beam expansion to the measurement accuracy. Block-diagram at the device operating at λ= 10,6μm is also presented in the paper. The characteristics of the device were tested experimentally. It was shown that the RMS-error of the extinction coefficient measurements along the path of 0,5 km length was 6%, the extinction coefficient values being from 0,06 to 4,0 km. An automated correction for angles of regular refraction within 1 angular minute is performed.


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