Vol. 21, issue 01, article # 10

pdf Voronin V. I., Tartakovsky V. A., Volkov Yu. V., Schleser G. H., Helle G., Nesvetailo V. D. Tree-ring isotope chronologies of the Baikal region and their connection with ice isotope chronology of Greenland. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 01. P. 50-54.
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Long series of paleodata describing environmental and climatic changes create an objective basis for forecasting. The problem of correlation between oxygen isotope chronologies from atmospheric precipitations fixed in ice cores and from cellulose molecules of tree rings. It is concluded that current ideas on these processes, in particular, the presented new results do not contradict the hypothesis on the presence of a natural mechanism of synchronization of isotope chronologies, which may be caused by the global character of the forcing action. Within this hypothesis, the use of the new "compression-extension" algorithm is justified and the possibility of correcting ice core chronologies using tree-ring isotope chronologies is shown.