Vol. 21, issue 03, article # 11

pdf Gusev V. G. Formation of speckle interference patterns characterizing transversal or longitudinal displacement of a diffusely scattering surface. Part 2. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 03. P. 227-238.
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The sensitivity of a speckle interferometer to transversal or longitudinal displacements of a plane surface, diffusely scattering the light, is analyzed for the case when a positive lens is used at the stage of recording of a double-exposure specklogram. The interferometer's sensitivity is shown to depend on the curvature radius of a spherical wave of the coherent radiation illuminating the surface. The interferometer sensitivity to longitudinal displacement depends on the scale of the Fourier transform of the function, which characterizes the complex transmission (or reflection) amplitude of a scatterer. Experimental results correspond to theoretical prerequisites.