Vol. 21, issue 04, article # 1

pdf Bogdanova Yu. V., Rodimova O. B. On thermodynamic dependence of coefficients in expansion of radiation characteristics into exponential series. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 04. P. 247-251.
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The method for determining one-parameter approximation formulas for atmospheric transmission functions in given spectral intervals, which was proposed earlier, used exact expressions for coefficients of expansion of the studied functions in exponential series and was intended for height distribution of temperatures and pressures in standard atmospheric models. In this paper, we find an approximation for coefficients of expansion into exponential series as functions of temperature and pressure for the whole range of temperatures and pressures observed in the atmosphere. This approximation can be applied to any height distribution of thermodynamic parameters. Possibilities of the approximation are illustrated by some examples with calculation of radiation flows caused by СО2 absorption in a band of 15 µm.