Vol. 21, issue 04, article # 12

pdf Kanev F. Yu., Lukin V. P., Makenova N. A., Moisey E. I. New algorithm of formation of the required amplitude distribution under the phase control. Improving the efficiency of a two-mirror adaptive system. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 04. P. 321-326.
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A possibility of correction of the thermal and turbulent distortions of laser radiation through the amplitude-phase control is considered. The control can be realized in a two-mirror adaptive system. An iteration algorithm is suggested for generating a required amplitude distribution of a corrected beam at the entrance into a distorting medium under the phase control in a plane located at some distance from the output aperture of the system; its accuracy is estimated. Advantages of the method over the phase-conjugation algorithm are shown in numerical experiments.