Vol. 21, issue 04, article # 8

pdf Kukushkin A. S., Prokhorenko Yu. A. The variability of transparency distribution in the upper layer of the Black Sea pelagial. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 04. P. 295-299.
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Variability of the extinction coefficient (EC) in the upper layer of deep part of the Black Sea in the period of stable optical state of sea waters (1978-1989) and of sharp decrease of their transparency (1990-1993) has been investigated with the use of a proposed set of typical EC values, reflecting the main features of its vertical distribution. In the second period, a 1.5-fold increase of EC was revealed in spring and 3-fold and more - in summer and fall in the surface layer, and about 1.5-fold - in the deep layer. To estimate the influence of water dynamics on the transparency distribution of typical EC values, their seasonal variations were analyzed in the main cyclonic and anticyclonic sea circulations.