Vol. 21, issue 06, article # 5

pdf Talovskaya A. V., Yazikov E. G., Panchenko M. V., Kozlov V. S. Monitoring of aerosol fallouts at background areas of the Tomsk region in wintertime of 2006–2007. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 06. P. 432-436.
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Investigation results on spatial-temporal variability of aerosol fallout flows in winter period 2006-2007 for two background observation stations of IAO SB RAS (Akademgorodok and the Kireevsk village, 60 km from Tomsk) are presented. Stereoscopic binocular and electron microscopic methods, as well as X-ray diffraction and instrumental neutron-activating analysis were used in studying the mineral-matter and geochemical composition of snow samples. From January to April of 2006 and 2007, the concentration of submicron aerosol and soot in the ground air layer was investigated. Insignificant differences in mineral-matter and geochemical compositions of the samples were noted. Samples of 2007 are characterized by lower aerosol flows as compared to 2006, which is explained by the air temperature at that time and the corresponding power efficiency of the Heat Power Stations. Measurements in Akademgorodok qualitatively agree with results of geochemical investigations.