Vol. 21, issue 07, article # 2

pdf Chesnokova T. Yu., Voronina Yu. V. Influence of spectroscopic data quality on the modeling of downward solar UV radiation fluxes. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 07. P. 500-503.
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The downward solar fluxes have been modeled in the 280-370 nm spectral range on basis of different experimental data on NO2 and ozone absorption cross sections. This spectral interval is of interest for the problem of total ozone retrieval from spectral measurements of the solar radiation incident on the Earth surface. Absorption by atmospheric gases; molecular and aerosol scattering and absorption; and cloudiness have been taken into account in the calculations. It is shown that the spectral fluxes, calculated with a spectral resolution of 1 nm on the basis of three most popular ozone cross section data sets, differ by 8% and more; the total ozone, retrieved from the solar photometer measurements, can differ by 2%. The difference between fluxes calculated from different data on NO2 absorption cross section is 0.3%.


ozone absorption cross-section, UV radiation