Vol. 21, issue 08, article # 19

pdf Boganov S. E., Kudryashov S. V., Ryabov A. Yu., Klimkin A. V., Egorov M. P., Nefedov O. M. The spectroscopic study of methane and cyclohexane transformation products in a glow discharge. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 08. P. 640-644.
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Formation of products in a glow discharge in the medium of argon with small additives (0.2-0.8 mole %) of methane and cyclohexane both with and without oxygen additives (up to 2 mole %) at a pressure of 10-1 Torr has been studied by the method of matrix IR-spectroscopy. A number of stable and labile electrically neutral intermediates have been fixed in the formed products, which allowed conclusions on methane and cyclohexane reactions proceeding in cold plasma at a low pressure. In particular, methane decay reversibility in cold plasma conditions and cyclohexane tendency to cycle decay are shown; evidences of the nonradical mechanism of formation of lower alkenes and olefin from cyclohexane in these conditions are obtained.


IR spectroscopy, glow discharge, plasma, methane, cyclohexane