Vol. 21, issue 08, article # 3

pdf Soldatov A. N., Filonov A. G., Polunin Yu. P., Vasil'eva A. V. A master oscillator-power amplifier system based on a 20 W average power strontium-vapor laser. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 08. P. 572-574.
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Investigation results on the time, space, and energy characteristics of a master oscillator-power amplifier system based on a strontium-vapor laser are presented. The experimental evidence suggests that the system under consideration holds much promise for high lasing efficiency average power operation. The space and time separation of the laser lines involved was determined. In our experimental conditions, the working aperture is uniformly filled with laser radiation for all lasing lines. Good timing of the oscillator and amplifier outputs made it possible to obtain stable multiple-wavelength laser action. For a total laser power of 21 W, the output power was found to be distributed over the operating wavelengths in the following way: 15 W at λ = 6.45 µm, 5 W at λ ~ 3 µm, and 1 W at λ ~ 1 µm. The peak average power was 22 W. Ways of improving the lasing efficiency of the master oscillator-power amplifier system are discussed.


strontium vapor laser, generator-amplifier