Vol. 21, issue 09, article # 1

pdf Bykov A. D., Emelyanov D. S., Stroinova V. N. Broadening and shift coefficients of Н2О line centers under strong vibrational excitation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 09. P. 645-651.
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The influence of intramolecular effects (the anomalous centrifugal effect, variations of mean dipole moment, and the polarizability) on relaxation parameters of Н2О lines broadened by N2 pressure at strong vibrational excitation of the molecule has been investigated. Calculations were performed within the framework of spectral lines impact theory, when both real and imaginary parts of the interruption function were taken into account. To improve the convergence of the perturbation theory series for matrix elements of the effective rotational Watson Hamiltonian, the Pade-Borel method of divergent series summation was used. The calculated half-widths and shifts of Н2О line centers were compared with the experimental ones for 3ν1 + ν3 band.


intra-molecular interactions, the widening theory in the collision approximation, half-width, line center shift