Vol. 21, issue 11, article # 13

pdf Sokovikov V. G., Klimkin V. M., Shestakov D. U., Vorob'eva L. P. Asymmetry of optical excitation of a copper atom resonance doublet. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 11. P. 878-884.
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The asymmetry of optical excitation of a copper atom resonance doublet in mixtures of copper vapor with inert gases has been investigated. The effect of laser excitation at λ = 327.4 nm resonant to the long-wave component of the doublet of a copper atom 42S1/2-42P0,4/2 has been found to be accompanied by changes in populations of the both doublet sublevels, while the laser excitation at λ = 324.8 nm resonant to the another doublet component 42S1/2-42P0,3/2, is accompanied by changes in population of only one sublevel. It is assumed that the effect is caused by the asymmetry of optical excitation functions of doublet components 42S1/2-42P0,1/2,3/2 in the presence of atom–atom collisions.


optical pumping, copper vapor laser, atomic collisions, atomic fluorescence