Vol. 21, issue 11, article # 2

pdf Burnashov A. V., Borovoy A. G. Light scattering by horizontally oriented columns. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 11. P. 804-811.
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The scattering phase functions for different orientations of hexagonal ice columns in the horizontal plane are considered. Tables of the scattered energy distribution over halo as a function of incidence angle and aspect ratio parameter of the crystal form are presented. It is shown that 50–75% of the scattered energy is redistributed among a small number (≤ 7) of halos. The polarization of the scattered light for different polarizations of the incident radiation is considered. The polarization degree of the scattered radiation is shown to be a qualitative indicator of the number of photon trajectories in a crystal, contributing mostly to the given scattering direction.


cirrus clouds, polarization, halo, phase matrix, ice crystals