Vol. 21, issue 11, article # 9

pdf Kopeikin V. M. Observation of the submicron aerosol content in the atmosphere over Russia in the TROICA international experiments. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 11. P. 848-853.
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The results of measurements of the submicron aerosol mass concentration Ma by means of the car-laboratory at 5 expeditions TROICA (Trans-Siberian Observations Into the Chemistry of the Atmosphere) along the Trans-Siberian Railway and Moscow Circuit Railroad are presented. Observations of the seasonal behavior of the aerosol content have shown its maximum in the autumn–winter period (39.6–73.6 µg/m3) and minimum in spring and summer (10.7–31.1 µg/m3), respectively. An excess of the aerosol content in the populated areas as compared to areas free of population was equal to 50–250 µg/m3 in unfavorable meteorological conditions. During forest fires, peatbog ignitions, and grass burning, Ma increased up to 50–516 µg/m3 at along Railway sections from 4 to 2000 km. In polluted air plumes at the Moscow Circular Railway, the “urban addition” varied from zero to 110 µg/m3, depending on the meteorological conditions in Moscow.


aerosol, atmospheric pollution, far transport of aerosol