Vol. 24, issue 02, article # 10

Ageev B. G., Zotikova A. P., Padalko N. L., Ponomarev Yu. N., Savchuk D. A., Sapozhnikova V. A., Chernikov E. V. Variation of H2O, CO2, and 13C in Siberian stone pine tree rings. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2011. V. 24. No. 02. P. 149-154 [in Russian].
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The experimental results of measurements of H2O, CO2 and carbon isotope —Āomposition (13C) of CO2 vacuum-desorbed from the tree-rings of the Siberian stone pine disc were obtained. It was shown that: 1) cyclicity exists in the annual trends in H2O and CO2, 2) cycle amplitudes of CO2 is markedly risen after 1960, 3) the annual trend in the CO2 concentration correlates with the atmospheric parameters changing (the CO2 rise and the change in isotope composition of CO2), 4) the stable carbon isotope ratio of CO2 changes with the variation of CO2 concentration.


the stable carbon isotope ratios of CO2, laser photoacoustic gas analysis, tree-rings, CO2, H2O