Vol. 24, issue 10, article # 14

Jouravlev M. V., Tovmash A. V. Observation of formation of secondary spherical structures in water aerosol-plasma cloud, formed by low energy electric discharge. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2011. V. 24. No. 10. P. 924-926 [in Russian].
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The observation of the secondary spherical structures of the aerosol-plasma clouds generated by the electrical discharge is made. The spherical water cloud as a secondary structure consistent with the charged aerosol particles in the plasma cloud is produced in an underwater discharge. This involves igniting a short high-voltage discharge in a water tank, when it decays a plasma jet then emerges from the surface. Flashover from the water enables the current to enter the clay tube, where it causes the water contained there to evaporate. After the current pulse a luminous second plasmoid consisting of charged water particles appears. Spheres continue to be visible about 400 milliseconds after the current has decayed and the energy input is thus cut off, really be quenched after a few milliseconds at most. The plasma glows very brightly, although the secondary plasmoids appear to be rather cold. It is measured that the lifetime of the dissipation of the secondary spherical aerosol-plasma particles structure is 0.1 sec. The measured diameter of the sphere is 3 cm.


aerosol, electric discharge, aerosol-plasma structure