Vol. 24, issue 10, article # 4

Dudaryonok A. S., Lavrent'eva N. N., Arshinov K. I., Nevdakh V. V. Broadening coefficients of CO2 lines induced by N2O pressure. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2011. V. 24. No. 10. P. 858-863 [in Russian].
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N2О-broadening coefficients of CO2 lines and their temperature exponents were calculated for a wide range of rotational quantum number in the 0001-1000 band. We used the semi-empirical method based on the semi-classical impact theory. It has been already applied for calculation of pressure broadening and shifting coefficients of spectral lines and their temperature exponents for Н2О-N22), СО2-N22), and О3-N22) systems. The computed collisional half-widths were compared with the measured data obtained using a frequency-stabilized tunable СО2-laser for 11 rovibrational transitions with lower state rotational quantum number up to 38 at room temperature and for 3 transitions R(10), R(22), R(32) in temperature range 300ЈТЈ700°K in the 0001-1000 band. The calculated and measured data are in a good agreement.


contour of spectral line, broadening coefficients, frequency-stabilized tunable CO2-laser, nitrous oxide